Use your wedding for the animals

Be part of Marry4Peace movement

You loved what we did and would like to use your wedding day too to raise awareness about animal rights? That’s amazing! Marry4Peace is a movement where vegans talk about animal rights during their weddings to educate non-vegans and inspire them to change their habits.

It is very important that you know, that a Marry4Peace event is so unique like your special day! There are many different ways to speak up for the animals when you get married and your wedding might look completely different than ours. We love diversity!

This event should reflect who and how you are as a couple and show your commitment for a kinder world in your completely own way!

What matters is that you only use vegan products and that you show the world, that even on your wedding day, from food, to make up, to entertainment program, everything is vegan. Below you’ll find a short checklist with some rules, which must be taken care of when organizing your Marry4Peace wedding!

There are many different events you can include in your wedding day such as:

  • Help out on a sanctuary
  • Cube of truth
  • Join an animal rights march
  • Hand out leaflets and vegan food
  • Disrupt a place where animal abuse is taking place such as a restaurant, a zoo, a farm or a slaughterhouse
  • Go to a vigil in front of a slaughterhouse / animal testing lab etc.
  • Hold speeches during your wedding adressing animal exploitation to the not yet vegan wedding guests
  • Rescue animals from farms / Slaughterhouses (could be done during the day as an open rescue, in the night)
  • Simply having an all vegan wedding and showing your food online

As you see, you can include basically any animal rights activism from to your wedding day to combine the love you share with your husband/wife-to be with the love the animals deserve.

We decided to do a variety of different events to film the documentary and to show you different ways of making this happen! We wanted to show you also that there are many legal ways to speak up for the animals during your wedding day but also actions which go against laws like rescuing 16 lives from slaughter. No matter what form of activism you choose: Wear your wedding garments during the whole period of time to show that you are getting married and when posting stories, pictures and videos please use the #Marry4Peace to inspire others make the movement grow! Also: Please (and this is very important), invite media to your events and send them pictures and videos afterwards so that they talk about it and more non-vegans will see what you did.


  • 100% vegan wedding – no animal products, no products with animal testing, no animals used as entertainment etc.
  • Use wedding garment during the events to show that you are getting married
  • Use #Marry4Peace for all posts/story
  • Be non violent at any moment! We don’t support violent actions towards any individuals for example Farmers, slaughterhouse workers etc.
  • And a very important one: Have fun and spread love! 🙂

Please contact us if you want to do a Marry4Peace event so that we can support you and share our knowledge about organizing actions, what you should think about, how to get journalists on board and so on! Even if you never organized the kind of action you want to do, we would love to help you to get there! We know that it’s already overwhelming to organize “only” your wedding day. However we promise you, that it is so much more rewarding to spend this unique days for the animals and to make their voices heard.

Spread love for everyone! ❤️ – write us